What are the differences between machine-made sand and river sand?

04 Sep,2020 UTC+8 Views:

There are three main types of sand, natural sand, machine-made sand and mixed sand.
Machine-made sand refers to the rock particles processed by mechanical equipment, including crushing equipment, sand making equipment, and screening equipment. It mainly crushes and screens ores (cobblestone, granite, basalt, bluestone, limestone, etc.), and artificially processes them into sand and gravel particles that meet the particle size requirements.
River sand is a kind of natural sand, which is produced by repeated collisions and frictions of natural stone under the force of water for a long time in its natural state. Its composition is more complex, the surface has a certain degree of smoothness, and a non-metallic ore with a lot of impurities.
As the two main sources of sand, what are the differences between machine-made sand and river sand? Which is better?

1. The particle shape of the machine-made sand is not as good as that of river sand, and its firmness is slightly worse than that of river sand, but it still reaches the index of superior products, and there is no problem in using it in ordinary concrete. The particle size of machine-made sand is more irregular. When using cement and other structural bonding, it tends to have better bonding, more compression resistance, and longer service life.

2. The river sand particles are round and clean, with a wide range of sources. However, due to environmental protection and other reasons, the cost of natural sand is getting higher and higher, its profit is getting lower and lower, and the market is getting smaller and smaller. Therefore, machine-made sand is becoming more and more popular in the market, and its market share is getting higher and higher.

3. River sand is a scarce resource, and the cost is getting higher and higher. It is now strictly monitored and mining is prohibited. The machine-made sand can be directly processed from a variety of ores and is relatively rich in resources. The price of machine-made sand varies from place to place, but it is basically much cheaper than river sand.

4. The current machine-made sand production process is basically mature. The sand-making line adopts a fully enclosed structure, and each machine port has a water spray setting, so that dust does not overflow, and the environmentally friendly dry process does not require water washing, and does not produce sewage or sludge. , Dust and other issues.

Through the comparison of the difference between machine-made sand and river sand, it can be found that machine-made sand has abundant raw materials and stable material, its fineness modulus can also be manually controlled, and it has better adhesion and pressure resistance. These advantages are river sand Incomparable, and starting from environmental protection and wide application, machine-made sand is higher than river sand, and it will also be the general trend of future industry development.