How much does it cost to build a sand making line?

11 Sep,2020 UTC+8 Views:

With the continuous expansion of infrastructure, people's demand for sand and gravel is increasing day by day, and machine-made sand is being vigorously promoted, and the demand is also increasing. The sand and gravel industry has become a hot topic at the moment. Many people want to join in and build a sand making line. How much does it cost? What about the subsequent profit? It is a common concern. Today we briefly discuss the procedures and procedures required to build a sand production line.

First, if you decide to build a sand making line, you need to go through the relevant procedures according to the conditions and policies of the factory. The cost depends on the situation and the policy in different places, and the budget ranges from 20,000 to 60,000. The general procedures include: the name of the industrial and commercial department, the administrative bureau Approval, evaluation by the Environmental Protection Agency, business license, tax registration certificate, environmental protection procedures, preparation of "Environmental Protection Impact Report Form" and "Environmental Protection Impact Report", and submission of the report form and report to the Environmental Protection Agency for approval and preparation The specific process of environmental protection management plan, application for environmental protection bureau acceptance, etc. depends on local policies.

Then there is the site planning. The required site size is directly related to the production line scale. A reasonable production line configuration plan can effectively and fully utilize the site. If you have a site, this part of the budget can be omitted.

The second is raw materials. The raw materials of the sand making line generally include pebbles, granite, tailings, etc., and there are also some waste rocks produced by river improvement. If you can make suitable raw materials according to local conditions, you can save a lot of cost.

Then the most important thing is the sand making line configuration and sand making equipment procurement. This part is the relatively large part of the entire early stage investment. The complete sand making line includes coarse crushing equipment (jaw crusher) and medium crushing equipment (cone crusher). /Impact crusher), sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, vibrating feeder and other equipment, and the price of the equipment is different due to the different production specifications, manufacturers and other requirements. Please consult the equipment manufacturer for details. Understand the equipment and total package price, and then choose the appropriate equipment according to the actual situation.

Finally, there are other investments in water, electricity, manpower and other aspects. Appropriate selection of energy-saving, environmentally friendly and high-automatic configuration of sand and gravel production lines can save later use costs.