Installation steps of vertical roller mill

19 Jun,2020 UTC+8 Views:

Vertical mill is a large scale mechanical equipment, which is composed of powder separator, grinding roller device, grinding table device, pressurizing device, reducer, motor, housing and other parts. Due to its large size, it is necessary to strictly follow the installation steps during installation to avoid problems in a certain link and cause problems in the later operation of the mill.

As a domestic large-scale rotary kiln and grinding equipment research and development manufacturer, chaeng can not only provide customers with high-quality stand-alone equipment, but also be responsible for equipment installation and commissioning services. Today we will explain the vertical mill based on the rich installation experience of chaeng. Installation steps:
vertical roller mill

The base of the vertical mill is installed first. The base bears the pressure of the entire mill, so it is very important in installation. Next, fix the base bracket and gasket, and clean the impurities on the surface of the deceleration base, and then install the reducer on the base of the host.

In order to prevent these vertical mill basic components from being weak, they need to be welded together. In addition, it is necessary to fully consider the problem of component distortion after welding. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the component for distortion before welding, so that the distortion does not affect the base after welding.

Followed by vertical grinder grouting. However, a series of preparations should be made before grouting. If the loose concrete parts and the wet concrete surface are removed, the influence of the weather on the grouting should also be considered, so sufficient preparation must be made before grouting.

Then you need to install the reducer of the vertical mill. Before installing the reducer, the impurities on the bottom plate must be checked and cleaned, and then epoxy resin is poured under the bottom plate to ensure the normal operation of the reducer.

Next is the installation of the grinding disc. After the grinding disc is cleaned, it can be placed on the reducer through the positioning hole on the grinding disc. However, it must be ensured that the grinding disc is horizontal to the reducer and cannot be inclined. After the screw is tightened, the grinding disc is installed.

Before installing the rocker arm device, lubricate the oil and correct the direction when the rocker arm rotates. Similarly, the grinding roller also needs to be oiled. After that, put the rocker device and the grinding roller on the grinding disc and support it with the loading and unloading tool.

Next is the powder separator of the vertical grinder, first install the shell, then connect the angle steel and bolts to weld according to the pre-drawn marks, then grind the welding port and cutting port later, and then install the rotor machine and the powder separator drive equipment , The powder separator is installed.

The final installation is the power plant of the vertical mill-the main motor. Later, according to the design requirements, configure the water pipe to install the cooling water pipeline, and a vertical mill is installed here.

At this time, the customer has questions. Is the installation method of each type of vertical mill the same? Is the output different, and the components of the equipment are different? If you have these questions, I suggest you consult us online, Through your detailed demand information on output, venues, etc., our responsible person will tailor the scientific selection plan for you, as well as the problems that need to be paid attention to during installation, so that you can understand the whole process of the vertical mill more intuitively!